Welcome to #YPLEngage


Skhumbuzo Mpisane

Hello there.

Perhaps you landed on this blog by mistake or you were referred to it by a friend of a friend who told you we publish mind-blowing articles by young, black, intelligent advocates. Well if the latter is the case, or not, I would like to officially welcome you to #YPLEngage.

Firstly, I would like to briefly tell you about us, YPL. The Young Professionals’ League is a movement that aims to inspire young black youth through education. Our vision is quite simple – we want to make quality education a norm and not a privilege. We aim to do this by intentionally focusing on working with young people to build both their cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

Beyond working with young people we aim to challenge the status quo, the injustice that we have lived with and unfortunately have accepted as a norm, through thought-provoking dialogue. This we do through the #YPLEngage.

Here you will get to read monthly articles that are written by these intelligent people who will converse on how the past, present and proposed laws and policies have and will affect the education of a black child in a township or rural area, and so much more.

#YPLEngage will tackle issues related, but not limited to:

  • Proposed policies around education (their implications on township/rural area located schools).
  • Comments made by the state that relate or could be related to the quality of education for the black child.
  • Current politics and its possible impact on the quality of education for the black child etc.

As you might have noticed the phrase “black Child” or black, in general, is repeated often in our writing. This is simply because we are a pro-black organization and as such we speak from our lived experiences. We speak like black people, young people, and how poor education has affected us and those who are coming after us. We speak from the point of view of people who are born into an unequal system that aims to oppress them.

With that said, get ready to be challenged, to be moved from your comfort zone. We hope at the end of the day you will be moved to act; use whatever platform or space you occupy to challenge any form of injustice you see.

Join the conversation and let’s make a change.

Get ready to #Engage!


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